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Hexplast LW

HEXPLAST LW + Integral liquid waterproofing, plasticizing, strength enhancing and corrosion inhibiting compound for reinforced or non reinforced cement mortars

The Product

HEXPLAST LW+ is a revolutionary comprehensive cement additive which protects cement concrete internally from water ingress while protecting the re-bars of RCC and mortars against chloride induced corrosion. The unique bi-polar compound migrates through concrete during curing process and forms a passive layer over re-bars to stop chloride corrosion. It meets the requirements of IS 2645, IS 9103 and ASTM C 1582M. HEXPLAST LW+ composes of wetting agent, plasticizer, polymers and additives. As an admixture for concrete mortar, plaster mortar and RCC it makes the setting more cohesive with lesser capillaries and micro pores. It primarily helps in water reduction and introduces plasticizing properties in cement concrete and mortars.

Chances of cracking even at hairline level and micro pore developments are reduced to zero level rendering cement concrete and mortars water impervious. It also increases compressive strength, flexural strength and workability of cement mixes. In reinforced cement concrete the surface active anticorrosive additives automatically migrates towards the metallic reinforcements, reacts and forms anticorrosive coatings on rebar surfaces. Simple stepwise application methods are as follows.

Application areas

1. Used in RCC floors, walls, slabs, forms, pipes.
2. Mass concrete casting, making dyke walls, water retaining walls, water tanks etc.
3. Bridges and marine structures and in general wherever waterproof cement concrete or mortar is required.


Appearance : Light yellow free flowing liquid;
1. Specific Gravity : 1.09 ± 0.01 @ 30O C
2. Water permeability: Pass;
3. pH: 9 – 13;
4. Non Volatiles: 18 ± 1 %.


1. Reduces water absorption with lesser capillaries.
2. Enhances strength and flexibility.
3. Reduces curing time.
4. Produces more cohesive concrete.
5. Protects embedded reinforcement steel.
6. Extends service life of structure in de-icing and saline areas.

Application Methodology

1 .Prepare intimate homogeneous dry mix of cement, sand and aggregates.
2. Moisten the mix with 50% of required water and add HEXPLAST LW+ to the balance 50% separately in the ratio of 200ml per bag of cement.
3. Add the HEXPLAST LW+ mixed water to the moistened cement mix and continue mixing till a homogeneous well dispersed mix is attained.
4. Place the concrete or apply plaster, as needed.
5. Cure the applied mortar or concrete as per good construction practices.

Health & Safety

Use mask , hand gloves and goggles during application. Clean hands with soap water after application.


Available in 20 L and 5 L and 200 mL containers.


Store in cool and dry place under shed away from heat.

Shelf Life

One year in original unopened sealed condition.

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