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ISO 9001 : 2015

Ichnocryl CEM 200

A high performance cold applied elastomeric waterproofing self-adhesive membrane system.

An effective and reliable waterproofing and protection system is of utmost importance in any structure exposed to extreme weather conditions, sudden and irregular temperature variations, strongly polluted industrial influences, heavy rain, seismic vibration etc. Special treatments are indispensable for expansion and construction joints, leaking storage tanks, roof and balcony gardens, underground basements, external wall wardrobes and other seepage prone areas.


ICNOCRYL Ichnocrylcem – 200 is a single component high solid emulsion, which develops an elastomeric membrane on weather curing. The product is based on German technology and imported raw materials marginally modified to suit Indian weather conditions and manufactured at our modern equipped plant near Kolkata.

The uniqueness of the product lies in its ability to withstand ultraviolet radiation over very long periods and an elongation of above 600%. The product is suitable for usage on all types of surfaces ranging from cementitous, lime-soorkee, metallic, hard stones, and wooden surfaces to polished glass. It can also be applied on bituminous surfaces.

Ichnocrtl CEM 200 is specifically developed to ensure economic, highly durable waterproofing and protection of roofs, balconies, terraces, sunshades etc. Ichnocryl CEM 200 is a thixotropic cold applied elastic material on a polymer base, for use on vertical as well as horizontal surface. Upon curing, Ichnocryl CEM 200 forms a seamless, monolithic, watertight, flexible and elastic membrane, making the treated surface absolutely impervious to water. The cured membrane is resistant to ultraviolet radiations and exhibit excellent resistance to ingress of water and all forms of industrial pollutants.

Due to its White color, solar reflection is improved, resulting in cooler roofs. Ichnocryl CEM 200 is resistant to the growth of microorganisms, roots, fungus, etc. and provides durable and outstanding waterproofing and protection to applied surfaces. The flexible and outstanding waterproofing and protection to applied surfaces. The flexible and elastic properties of Ichnocryl CEM 200 ensure safe bridging of surface subject to hairline cracking..

Primary uses

1. Ideally suitable for new and old buildings with widely varying range of substrates and conditions.
2. Waterproofing of roof slabs, terraces, balconies, chajjas, parapet walls, water tanks, gutters and even on areas, which remain permanently submerged in water.
3. Extremely suitable for application on complicated geometrical structures like arches, domes, paraboloids, steep rising and flashings.
4. Universally applicable on any horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces of almost all substrate conditions.
5. Indispensable for crack repair and waterproofing of vertical wall surfaces.
6. Waterproofing of roof and balcony gardens.


1. Ideally suited for both old and new buildings, marbles to bear additional load, as an almost weightless weather tight canopy.
2. Adheres to almost all types of substrate.
3. As a liquid compound applied, can take any shape or contour and elements the possibility of any entrapped air bubbles.
4. Excellent bonding strength and in-situ polymerization ensures perfect bonding with substrate.
5. Provides for breathing of substrate (allowing water vapor from substrate to escape through membrane, disallowing liquid water to seep through from exterior side of membrane into substrate).
6. Excellent UV –resistance. Does not embrittle.
7. Minimum dirt pickup and easy cleaning even after years of exposure.
8. The bright White color reflects major part of the heat of sunrays keeping the substrate cool.
9. Serves as an intermediate bonding layer between two dissimilar materials like lime-soorkee combine and PCC. Takes care of the difference in coefficients of thermal expansion.

Heritage Building Presentation and Restoring

1. It saves as a penetrative protective coat on exposed surfaces.
2. Provide excellent bonding between old, warm out surfaces and restoration mortars made from lime soorkee gravels etc.
3. Reinforced by thin fiber glass, surfaces mat etc. It can provide excellent water proofing and protective layers.
4. Almost merges with substrate.
5. Provide transparent /translucent.
6. Can cover almost all geometrical configuration, motif designs etc

Cool coating high albedo

Inherently, due to its white colour, solar reflection is of high order. It reflects almost 60 - 70% of incident ultra violet and infrared rays of sun, keeping the substrate substantially cooler. Living/working zones remain cool for longer periods, reducing cooling energy demands (air-conditioning etc.) and costs.

The protective coat of semi rigid membrane formed by carefully crafted formulation of a slurry prepared from Ichnocryl CEM 200 along with ceramic based microsphere (less than 30 microns) extenders, qualescing agents, emulsifiers and surface active additives is applied over the membarane formed by pure undiluted Ichnocryl CEM 200.

It is a High Albedo : Heat Reflective, two coat slurry coating which works on three heat transfer principles - Reflectance, Emittance and Insulation. The protective cum reflective slurry coats on drying and hardening has high solar reflective index in line with standards certified by the globally accepted and LEED approved ASTM methods. Ultraviolet and Infrared rays of the sun are reflected to the extent of 80% and above

Guidelines on surface preparation and application

 Cleaning manually the surface to receive waterproofing treatment thoroughly with wire brush etc. to remove dust, algae and other foreign materials.
 Cracks more than 2mm thick must be filled up using suitable mortar. Mortar may be prepared using cement (white or grey) or any water insoluble filler like talc, dolomite, chalk dust, etc. mixed in the ratio (1:5::Ichnocryl CEM 200:filler) and water added to attain paste-like consistency.
 After allowing 24 hours for the mortar to dry completely within the cracks, water diluted (1:1) emulsion of Ichnocryl Cem 200 shall be applied by paint brush on the dry surface as primer coating.
 First coat of undiluted Ichnocryl Cem 200 shall be applied after 4 hours of primer coat.
 Second and final coat of undiluted Ichnocryl Cem 200 is applied after 8 hours of first coat.
 In between first and second undiluted coat of Ichnocryl Cem 200, fiber glass mats of varying thickness ranging from 30 – 600 GSM may be applied in critical crack-prone areas on surfaces covered, holding the mats as reinforcement, sandwiched between the undiluted coats.
 Allow clear 48 hours after completion of the final coat to cover the reinforced/ non reinforced membrane system by screed concrete (1:2:4) or cement-sand plaster (1:4).
 Pool water to test for waterproofing after allowing 72 hours from completion of the screed concrete or cement-sand plaster cover.

Coverage and Dry Film Thickness

Coverage rates and dry film thickness may vary with surface texture and porosity of substrate. Coating with 1.0 kg (0.83 ltr) per Sqm in the usual 1 dilute and 2 undiluted coats on a prepared surface will provide an adequate film thickness of 0.5-0.65 mm.

Health, Safety and Shelf Life

Ichnocryl CEM 200 is non-taxic, non-flammable and splashes on skin should be removed by copious amounts of water. If contact with eyes occour, wash well with plenty of water immediately and seek medical advise. 12 months from the date of manufacturing if unopened and stored in a cool place.

Pack Size

Available in 50 kg, 20 kg, 5 kg and 1 kg packing.

Technical Data ( Physical Properties)

Properties Result Test method
Solid content (%) 55-58 ASTMD 1076
Viscosity (cps) 45000-55000 BROOKFIELD
Specific Gravity 1.2 ASTMD 1475
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 2.8 ASTMD 412
Elongation (%) 600 ASTMD 412
Hardness Shore A 58 ASTMD 2240
WVTR gm/24hr/sq.mt


UVTR Resistance 10000hrs No Failure ASTMD 822

Note: The above information is based on our Laboratory conditions which may vary on the basis of conditions prevailing during use.

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