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About Us

Human Excellence was incorporated in 2005 as a partnership organization with the objective of manufacture, supply and application of specialty chemical products providing long lasting solution in construction and conservation of civic buildings and structures by way of waterproofing, bonding, sealing, reinforcing and protecting from water ingress, damping and degeneration. Long lasting environment friendly products are only chosen, developed and upgraded to the very best available on earth. The company enjoys ISO 9000 status from its inception.

Of the numerous products introduced till date the following few products are made regularly:

  • Ichnocryl CEM 200, an elastomeric water proofing membrane forming compound applied with or without fiberglass mat reinforcement.
  • Ichnocryl TR, a transparent elastomeric coating compound to ensure substrate visibility along with waterproofing and protection.
  • Hexplast LW+, an integral cement additive providing strength, workability, curing time reduction, water and crack resistance.
  • Latex Strong, a SBR latex based formulation for cost effective bonding and waterproofing solutions.
  • Hexpoxy WB2P, a water based two pack flexible coating for water tanks, substrates and interiors.
  • Hexurethane WB1P, a water based single pack abrasion resistant polyurethane based clear coating compound for floors, walls and exteriors.

As manufacturers, sellers and applicators we are committed to our valued clients in civil construction, business parks, township developers, conservationists, pipeline industries and many other fields where consistent quality construction chemicals are needed.

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