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ichnocryl tr

Clear and transparent UV resistant protective coating compound


Ichnocryl – TR is a 100% acrylic binder in the form of emulsion polymer designed for use as a clear, transparent, protective UV resistant elastomeric coat on premium quality interior and exterior wall paints, road marking paints, floor paints, color lime wash, cement paints, dry distempers or any other colored background on various substrates. Its adhesion and abrasion resistance has been designed for these applications.

Ichnocryl – TR by itself offers excellent color acceptance, sheen and high degree of resistance to dirt pick-up. It may be used to make high gloss abrasion resistant exterior paints and is a surfactant-stabilized system.


Can be applied on any substrate ranging from cement, bitumen, plastic, wood, stones, earthenware, leather, paper, cloth, boards, interior and exterior paints to even polished glass. Provides transparent, durable, weather resistant, non-tarnishing waterproof coating on wooden and metal furniture. Protects paintings, antiques and artefacts. Advantageous from the standpoint of toxicity, fire hazard, ease of cleaning and is in consonance with air pollution control laws.


Appearance : Milky white emulsion.
Solid Content (held at 160o C for 20 min.) : 50 ± 0.5%
PH when packed: 9-10
Viscosity (Brookfield LVF#2/60 @ 25o C) : 200 cps. Max
Film Test (Draw down 250 micron at ambient) : Transparent, clear free from bits.
MFFT : 12°c
Specific gravity of emulsion : 1.06


1. Outstanding color retention properties.
2. Excellent resistance to UV light, alkali, salt water, etc.
3. Excellent pigment binding properties.
4. Excellent scrub resistance.
5. High gloss and resistance to dirt pick up.
6. Excellent alkali resistance.


1. Excellent freeze-thaw stability.
2. Good stability to soluble salts, including those containing divalent ions.
3. Paints based on Ichnocryl - TR dry quickly.
4. Good color retention and chalk resistance characteristics.
5. Good pH stability.
6. Easy to apply by brushing, spraying or roller coating.


•  Use goggles, mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application.
•  Clean hands with warm soap water after application.
•  Avoid contact with skin/eyes. In case of unlikely contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water, then cleanse with soap & lukewarm water & seek medical advice.
•  Do not use solvent to clean the contacted area.
•  Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of vapors.
•  If swallowed seek medical attention immediately. Do not induce vomiting.


•  Available in 50 kg, 25 kg and 1 kg HDPE container.
•  Store in a cool dry place under shed away from heat.
•  12 months in original unopened sealed condition.

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